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Quick Square - The Best No Crop App You Deserve

Quick Square - The Best No Crop App You Deserve
How many times have you taken an amazing photo only to have Instagram eat half of it? If the answer is “a lot”, then you probably already know the pain of having to open an external editing program, finding a new background for your snapshot, making sure it’s in a 1:1 format… It’s a slow, dull process and still you rarely get the results you want. And this is why Quick Square exists.
Square Quick app
This extremely simple app has one purpose, to make the process of turning your photos into squares hassle free.
All Quick Square asks is the you select the photo you want to convert, and it will render it into the largest possible 1:1 image for Instagram. All you need to do then is select what you want to fill in the space around the image.
Then it is ready to share with Instagram, but if you want to spend a couple of minutes you can also add emoji, effects, or text.
Quick Square offers plenty of ways to square off your photos: plain backgrounds, patterns, an enlarged and blurred version of the same image, different color variations, and traditional picture frames. Best of all, it’s easy to play around with these until you find the one you want.
square quick no crop photo
- Popular giddys/emojis: Add the popular emojis and giddys to make your photo more funny and stylish.
-  Background effects:We designed many background effects such as Gradient,  Double blur, Mosaic, background colors based on your pic and more effects are designing.
- Corner mark: Add many color marks so that let your photo unique. More love, more likes.
- Designed backgrounds: You can choose from a variety of amazing backgrounds. We can also support using your own photos as backgrounds, and adjusting their blurriness.
- Nice hashtags: We designed the new hashtags page to help you to get more likes and followers on social media especially the Instagram.
- Light leak: Add the nice light leak effect,make your photo more surprise.
- Signature: Add your own signature, so everyone can see the fun you’re having with Square Quick!
The fastest and most simple app for posting full-size photos to instagram without cropping.  Square Quicknot only lets you post uncropped photos to Instagram, you can also stamp your photo with popular tags.
Uploading perfectly square photos to social networks such as Instagram had never been as easy as withSquare Quick. With this application you can publish your best pics without even having to crop them.
Furthermore, you can also apply different photo effects and filters to your images, add funny emoticons, backgrounds and even sign your shots before uploading them.
Square Quick is not stylish due to its outdated look and menus, but it perfectly fulfills its function: to quickly and attractively make your images square so Instagram doesn’t take a bite. It is certainly recommended to all Instagram users who want people to get the whole picture without having to stress over the details.
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